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2015.almanac.tuihealthcareIt’s here! The Farmer’s Almanac, a collection of “notable events” with all kinds of “facts and folklore.” At 146 pages it would seem an easy read but I come to it sporadically and have never read every single page. Still, I am glad to have the inspiration, validation, and whimsy on everything from stars to seeds.

I recommend it to everyone for highlights on nutrition and gardening – simple, time-tested methods of planting and great recipes for consuming your garden rewards. I love this year’s highlights on Sassafras and Celery.

The tables of weights and measures and metric conversions are a handy reminder, and the celestial event summaries are a great quick reference – Two solar and two lunar eclipses in 2015. For the astrologically-focused there is plenty of over-view and inter-view of the year ahead.

And of all of it’s virtues and delights, I like best the calendars in the front that list the day’s astronomy, the sun rise, sun set, and moon rise across the States America. Those planting by moon will especially love the Almanac. Those who appreciate a quick wonder will delight in the small fact of the day, such as

“January 8: Earth’s rotation proved, 1851. January 23: 1st woman received MD degree, 1849. January 25: Apple’s Macintosh went on sale, 1984. January 30: Tet offensive began, 1968. January 31: 1st Social Security check issued, 1940.”