Yin Tang

yintangI’ve been connecting with the space between the eyebrows a lot (on me and you!) and love what my teacher Master Liu He writes about it:

“The center of the forehead between the eyebrows is nicknamed ‘a room to conserve your stamp,’ a title that refers to the emperors in ancient China. The emperor’s stamp, or seal, was critical to people who never saw the emperor himself. The only way to know his intention was through orders sealed by his stamp. The integrity of the stamp was, therefore, very important, and it had to be protected from theft and mischief. If the stamp was lost or tampered with, the whole country would fall into disorder. Because of the stamp’s precious value, it was kept in a room protected by soldiers.

The story is a metaphor: when we open the mind, we open our internal communication (the stamp) with the external world (the subjects.) The result is insight into correct actions; with insight, there is order, and the emotions stabilize.”