Also at 113 Green Street:

* Massage on Mondays & Saturdays with Toni Salluzzi.

& Hudson Valley:

* QiGong in Accord with Ian Duncan.
* Hummingbird Healing Arts massage with Dana Ronnquist.
* Catskill Mountain Massage with Jesse Scherer.
* Acupuncture with Alexis SarandonLiza PollockKatherine Rosko, Rebecca Steele, Matt Purcell.
* Holistic recovery from Lyme Disease with Hillary Thing.
* Resolving conflict with Transformative Mediation.
* Psychotherapy with Noelle Damon, Dr. Bob Cavano.
* Breast Cancer Options: Support, Health Advocacy & Information.


* One Thousand Hands Buddha QiGong: Ling Gui International Healing QiGong School
* Turtle Longevity QiGong: Wisdom and Peace Wellness Center
* Anahata: Yoga & More, where I teach QiGong and collaborate to offer seasonal Community Acupuncture with Gong Sound Healing.
* Catskill Mountain Gamelan: I’m a part of this Indonesian music ensemble.










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