Individual Session


Individual Sessions / $80. Corinne is able to offer a limited amount of sessions at a reduced rate, please inquire to discuss the possibilities.

Our work together is particular to you. We use acupuncture, moxibustion heat therapy, QiGong, Shiatsu massage, gua sha, cupping, and Chinese Medicine nutrition, and herbal formulas to center you in health.

A typical session includes:
30 minutes intake/discussion/QiGong
30 minutes acupuncture
15 minutes additional modalities including shiatsu, cupping, gua sha.

Individual Session At Home: If you’re not able to climb stairs, drive a car to get to your appointment, or you are otherwise motility challenged, please call or email Corinne to discuss the possibility of a healthcare session at your home. Home healthcare sessions are available on a limited basis and are 60 minutes for $100.

Kiddo Sessions (ages 4 weeks to 16 years) / 30 minute session/ $50.
Unique formations happen in the first years of life and that makes children different. Sho Ni Shin (Sho: little, Ni: children, Shin: needle) uses a different needle than what’s typically used with adults. It is not inserted in the skin.

Corinne uses a copper ‘needle’ about the size and shape of a ginko leaf and brushes, taps, and presses this on the surface of your child’s skin. It’s called a sankaku yoneyama (shark fin) needle and it’s used to stimulate the circulation needed to address a variety of medical concerns.

The foundational principles of Chinese Medicine are applicable to children too with specialized pediatric considerations. During a kiddo session we will use the quickly-changing nature of children to encourage wellness.