Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture Etiquette
* Please turn off your phone.
* Whisper or speak in a quiet voice at all times. Please keep talking to a minimum.
* You may know people waiting in the hallway. Please consider this person may not want to discuss their health goals and concerns, or talk about being at a healthcare session when you see them later.
* Please do not take out your own needles. Do not walk around with needles in. Raise
your hand or call for assistance.
* We make safe space for everyone by avoiding comments about religion, race, politics, and gender.

Group Qi Benefits
* Combined healing efforts: individual transformation amplified by the power of sharing space with another.
* Augmentation of Individual Sessions: follow-up sessions that allow for frequency with affordability.
* Some people prefer group acupuncture because they  are influenced by others in a state of relaxation.

Tui Healthcare is not offering Community Acupuncture in 2018.

Other local community acupuncture possibilities
* Kingston Community Acupuncture:
* Port Ewen Acupuncture Center:
* New Paltz Community Acupuncture: