Community Acupuncture

2022 – 2023

Corinne is teaming up to offer Community Acupuncture with Barbara Schofield through a grant for the community of Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO) in Kingston, New York. The clinic is open to residents of RUPCO only. This collaboration is in its fourth year and is a model for possible future collaborations with private and non-profit organizations. If you are interested in learning more and considering establishing Community Acupuncture for your community please be in touch with Corinne at

2022 -2023

Corinne is not offering Community Acupuncture in private practice at this time.

Community Acupuncture Etiquette
* Please turn off your phone.
* Whisper or speak in a quiet voice at all times. Please keep talking to a minimum.
* You may know people waiting in the hallway. Please consider this person may not want to discuss their health goals and concerns, or talk about being at a healthcare session when you see them later.
* Please do not take out your own needles. Do not walk around with needles in. Raise
your hand or call for assistance.
* We make safe space for everyone by avoiding comments about religion, race, politics, and gender.

Group Qi Benefits
* Combined healing efforts: individual transformation amplified by the power of sharing space with another.
* Augmentation of Individual Sessions: follow-up sessions that allow for frequency with affordability.
* Some people prefer group acupuncture because they  are influenced by others in a state of relaxation.

Tui Healthcare is not offering Community Acupuncture in 2018.

Other local community acupuncture possibilities
* Kingston Community Acupuncture:
* Port Ewen Acupuncture Center:
* New Paltz Community Acupuncture: