Twice Daily Tick Check

tweezer.ticksWith warmer weather we are not the only ones with Spring Fever – adult deer ticks are more common during April and May! Now is the time they are looking to attach, feed, and possibly transmit diseases. (And then again in October and November.)

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends a twice daily tick check that focuses on these parts: Under the arms, in and around the ear, inside of your belly button, back of your knees, in and around the hair, between your legs,  and around the waist. This is second only to a full body check – every where! You can use a small hand-held mirror to help you examine carefully.

If you’re checking twice a day (AM & PM) you are greatly reducing your risk of disease transmission if you are bit by a tick. Removing the tick within twenty-four hours is key. Twice daily tick checks also increase your likelihood of knowing it happened – it’s not uncommon that people experience symptoms of tick-borne illnesses without knowing where and when they were bit.

I recommend reading over Hillary Thing, LAc’s online article: First Aid for Tick Bites and Lyme Disease Prevention.

Examine, Examine, & Enjoy your outdoor explorations!