Route & all else

catsnow.tuihealthcare.december9.2013I subscribe to “This American Life” and listened to a recent episode called “The Seven Things You’re Not Supposed to Talk About.” To my delight, each of these points are of *extreme* interest to me during a healthcare session:

1. How you slept
2. Your period/ menstrual cycle
3. Your health (aches, pains, flu, in general)
4. Your dreams
5. Money
6. Your diet
7. Route (your journey to arriving here)

Of course your health in every regard is what we are addressing. But each of these other listed points may help identify the root cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Including dreams – are they scary? Funny? Dramatic? Exhausting? The content, feelings, and energy of your dreams tells us what part of you needs some attention. We use the five elements in understanding dreams.

Your route! Yes – a stressful trip may follow you into a healthcare session. Or you may notice that traveling far for healthcare work reduces some of it’s beneficial effects.

You can listen to the episode here.