Rebecca.Ringquist.2013In breezes, sneezes, and snow it’s important to know
what seeds you have for the spring!
Literal and otherwise.

If you’re looking for heirloom seeds and unique art, take a look here:,
you’ll find all kinds of things to grow in a one-of-a-kind package designed by artists like Rebecca Ringquist (art shown in this post and found online at

If you’re wondering what I meant by ‘otherwise,’ take a moment to think of what is important to you to carry through to next year. In the Autumn the season inspires us to let go of things that have come full cycle. Things that no longer serve us. Things that we’re ready to release and compost. What’s left is what we want to grow again in the next cycle – these are our seeds for the spring. We have shed all but the essential and can reflect on what’s important to us.

In the winter, we draw our energy in and give special care to these seeds. Warm and nourish what you have saved. What are your seeds?