Wonder and enchantment filled the room where reflective light created a rushing herd of horses,

from sticks, a stencil, a mirror and sheet. What happened? I was at The Wassaic Project and absorbed into Lindsay Packer’s piece Stampede, 2012.
Follow THIS LINK for a secondary experience on video or her website HERE.

Creativity is vital to health. There are so many expressions of creativity: not just visual, performing, conceptual, musical, culinary, literary… what is your expression?


What is your manifesto?

There is clarity of thinking in this one, there is passion and direction and consideration of obstacles. There is a call to reclaim something the writers think is essential.

What is so important to you? Do you need to reclaim something?

I don’t agree with everything in this manifesto, but I appreciate and feel inspired by it. (I do agree that art is like good bread, and NEWS is not only about bread, I promise!) This manifesto creates the change it wants for everyone.