Sprout your Spring

rainbow.tuihealthcareEat the vitality of Spring, the qi of the season’s upward and outward. This is a time of year when most people can handle the cooling properties of raw vegetables and benefit from the potent vitamin and enzyme impacts of sprouts in particular.

If you’re not sure your digestive fire strong enough, if your healthcare practitioner has helped you identify that your digestion is weak and/or your constitution is cold, remember that the larger sprouts can be lightly steamed or sauteed before consumption. Examples are aduki, lentil, garbanzo, and green pea. This warms them up and makes them easier to digest while maintaining the vibrancy and nourishment of sprouts.

How to?
Pick out your seeds and get them sprouting with this ratio: one part seed to at least three parts water. Soak them in a wide-mouth jar that is covered with a sprouting screen or cheesecloth secured to the jar. Rinse twice daily and return the jar to a mouth-down position to drain. Once they’re started, keep them in a cool place with indirect light.

When they’re ready to eat (you decide what size you want,) loosen the seed hulls in a large bowl of water with a gentle shake. Keep them in your refrigerator up to one week when you’re not eating handfuls in salad, on toast, atop stir-fries.

Another simple online resource: http://www.ekhartyoga.com/blog/sprouting-seeds
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