Home Sweet Cabin

homefever.tuihealthcareIn these deep snow days, shovel and slip days,
we want to stay warm! And yet,
cabin fever surfaces. We feel stuck.

A few recommendations for your inside-ness:

1. Use the time to investigate yourself with Tara Brach as a guide. I’ve signed up for her podcasts and enjoy a variety of topics on be-ing, as well as guided meditations. http://tarabrach.com/audiodharma.html.

2. Move your Qi. In a focused, simple, and deliberate way.
Bend forward putting your hands on your shins, breathe and hold. Choose one part of your QiGong practice and repeat it three times. Move your hips as if using a hula hoop, both directions. Keep it short and simple and do it every day.

3. Look out the window. Remember that things are always transforming.