Practitioner List

DSCF3225Where do you begin in choosing a way? Who to be your instrument for change? Here’s Dylana Accolla’s advice in “Back to Balance: A Holistic Self-Help Guide to Eastern Remedies,” summarized:

Checklist for Finding a Really Good Practitioner
1. What are the practitioner’s credentials?
2. What is the practitioner’s reputation?
3. How experienced is the practitioner?
4. How’s the rapport?
5. Have you discussed the costs and estimated length of treatment?
6. Does the practitioner seem healthy?
7. Have you discussed your expectations of treatment?
8. Does the practitioner include you as part of the healing team?
9. If the therapy seems not to be working, does your practitioner recommend an alternative type of treatment?
10. Does this practitioner respect your personal space and maintain his/her/their own integrity?