portlandowls.tuihealthcareWest Coast time is still in me, and I went out to do The Big Dipper QiGong under a midnight cloudy East Coast sky. When teaching QiGong I advise people to practice right away, that the most important day is the day after instruction with the teacher. And so it is.

I’ve returned from Portland, Oregon and nearly a week of QiGong with The Ling Gui International Healing QiGong School. The experience continues to be inspiring, cleansing, and transformational.

As an acupuncturist, I work with Qi and practicing QiGong is foundational to the healthcare I offer to others. As a human, QiGong is foundational to my be-ing. I am so grateful to have connected with the deeply nourishing resources that Dr. Liu Dong and Master Liu He share. I endeavor to share what I can with my community.

First I must practice. Let time, willingness, observation, and surrender create my days of exploration and steady my dedication. Listen, change,

return to the inner source.