tuihealthcare.12.24.13Solstice turned our wheel.

The days around this special time I had a forcefield preventing a friend calling me from Colombia. Despite our planning, the connection couldn’t be made.

When it finally happened it felt like a miracle! And I think, that I can be with him in his writing nest countries away and he can consider the glow of the Christmas tree next to me, there is a bit of a miracle of work : imagination.

I enjoy the experience of being with someone guided by their description, through my own imagination. There’s also Skype, ‘face time,’ instagram, texted photos to add another dimension to the sharing that’s possible anywhere in the world.

I sent my friend a text with a photo of the Christmas tree. Imagination is still at work. What does it look like out that window? What is the scale of the photo – how big is the tree?

When we are led into meditation it can begin as an imagination process. In Turtle Longevity QiGong we practice that: “Imagine you are at the seashore …” Turning our intentions through subtle worlds of thought, navigating freedom from it, bringing awareness to the inner parts of self that we can imagine until we can feel them.

Imagining a forcefield preventing communication. Imagining a hole in it, a phone call coming through, my friend on the phone a world away.