Tonight: Blood Moon

october18.2013.moon.tuihealthcare“In mid-autumn, when the air is growing colder and the nights longer, comes the Blood Moon. Also called the Hunter’s Moon by indigenous peoples in the eastern woodlands, it was a time when northern dwellers of many cultures would work to ensure that their store of meat would last the winter. They did this by hunting wild game or slaughtering farm animals. It was a time of year when blood was shed.”

 – Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection by Jessica Prentice

Tonight it’s also an eclipse! A penumbral eclipse, which means the earth’s shadow partially covers the moon but not completely.  Remember: full moons rise when the sun sets – 7:38pm is peak viewing time.

For some astrological connections to this Blood Moon I refer you to the excellent Astrologer Rhea Wolf: link here.