Positively: Intro to QiGong

10.10.2013.tuihealthcare On Saturday, October 12th from 5:15 – 6:15pm I’m offering an Intro to QiGong class as a part of the O+ Festival in Kingston, NY.

Come up to the third floor of St. Joseph’s School at the corner of Pearl and Wall Streets. It’s a part of a weekend of movement, sound, and wellness called EXPLo+RE – because there’s so many ways to do that. A three class series of Intro to QiGong begins just a few weeks later on Tuesday, October 29th at 6pm in the 2nd Floor Dance Studio of BSP on 323 Wall Street of Kingston.

My practice of QiGong began in 2006 with Roger Batchelor in Portland, Oregon. I had trained in Yoga and was an infrequent meditator at that time but I was ready to dive into QiGong. I felt it was my duty to practice QiGong because as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner I work with Qi. From then to now was a path of starts and stops and a steady increase in practice over time. What began as a sense of duty has become a nourishing well for be -ing and a part of my every day. Start your journey – everyone’s is unique.