Alchemist Mothers

10.04.2013.tuihealthcareAmong the many amazing things parents do: individualized immunity boosts.

” Kissing Your Baby – An Immune Connection

Rather remarkably, breastfeeding mothers can protect their babies by providing tailor-made antibodies to the bacteria and viruses with which their baby comes into contact.

As a mother, you will already have a plethora of antibodies that have been created throughout your own life to protect you against certain diseases. Many of these diseases will be irrelevant to your newborn baby, but others will give a vital boost to his immune system. When you kiss your baby’s cheek, you are effectively sampling the bacteria and viruses on his face that he is about to ingest. By transferring these bacteria to your own body, you stimulate your immune system to create specific antibodies to fight these pathogens (disease-causing microbes). You then pass the tailor-made antibodies back to your baby through your breast milk. What a miracle of nature!”

– Lucy Burney, Immunity Foods for Healthy Kids