Cycles of Being

My last post about a full moon writing group generated a buzz- why the moon? Why the full moon?

Just as the oceans respond to the moon cycle, we too follow it’s rhythm. It’s our fundamental Seasonal Being. It’s helpful and endlessly resourceful to understand the changes of the moon: the rebirth from dark/new moon and it’s waxing formation into full moon, and the waning into formlessness again. It can inspire us to remember that the only constant is change.

Full moons represent yang energy and bring the active and outgoing aspects into full expression- a great time for creativity and sharing stories with others. Dark/new moon days are an important time for creativity too, but have a more personal and inward energy that deserves intimate space for planting the seeds of intention for the new cycle.

Rhea Wolf is an excellent resource for getting in touch with the unique opportunities for intro & outro- spection during full and dark moon days. Link to her website HERE, timed well for today which is

a full moon. How do you feel?